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Reinhart Sandwich Loaf

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Reinhart Sandwich Loaf

Why are my attempts at Reinhart WW Sandwich Loaf turning out a loaf that is soft, bordering on gummy in the middle? Am I just not  cooking it enough, or am I not adding enough flour, since I'm using Dry Active Yeast instead of Instant?



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An issue with the flour? When the lady at Cactus Flats ground it for me, it was hot in the bag when she handed it to me. Is that normal, or was there a snafu in the grinding that I should avoid now that I have a grinder of my own?

Thanks, Voni


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Gumminess could come from various reasons: either your bread is undercooked, or your flour contains more starch damage( due to high grinding temp. or  ), or the wheat it is groung from has seen moisture after threshing which triggered excessive enzyme activity leading to runaway fermentation, or from excessive acid buildup due to overfermenting the biga. How did your final dough behave during final fermentation? Was it very sticky and unmanageable?


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I keep reading about people using thermometers to check the doneness of their bread. You might try that.

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It would be wise to verify if your oven is up to temp.