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Sourdough pizza

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Sourdough pizza

This sourdough pizza is topped with tomato sauce, caramelized red onions, sauteed chicken thighs in cubes, goat's cheese and arugula.

280 grams of farina di grano tenero 'tipo 00'

165 grams of water

7 grams of salt

100 grams of 100% hydration sourdough (fed with high gluten bread flour).


This gives a total hydration of 65%. 

Mixed all ingredients, allowed half an hour of autolyse. The sourdough was fed two days before and kept in fridge after reaching peak activity. 

Then kneaded with dough hooks. Let proof for about 5 hours. Then divided in two balls (about 270 grams each), and put them in oiled containers. 

Chop red onion into thin strips, and bake in some butter on a low heat with some brown sugar. When they are almost done, add some balsamic vinegar. I used some Heinz Tomato Frito as sauce.

After a 2 hour proof I shaped, topped and baked them at 250 C on an oven stone. 


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That looks perfect. I remember your post about all the new equipment at Mother's Day. Hope is it still being enjoyed !  I looked for the flour you used but Amazon no longer has it..signed up to be notified. c

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Picture perfect pizza. Looks delicious. Been looking for a decent sourdough pizza formula...


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fine dough that make great pizza.  Well done.

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Looks great!