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need non stick bench scraper or some such tool

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need non stick bench scraper or some such tool

OK, I bought a silicone nonstick mat and it's great, but my bench scraper has dough that sticks to it when I divide up my dough for buns. Does anyone make non stick tools suitable for dividing dough ?

TIA folks!

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Don't use a silicone mat, but the sturdy plastic scraper I have does a great job cleaning dough from my wooden bread board without scratching.  Also strong enough to divide dough.

Visit your local home improvement store's paint department.

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I have a nonstick tool that's shaped like half a heart. The straight edge is fine for cutting, the curved side works wonderfully for stretching and folding in the bowl. It is called a silicone scraper spatula, and is made by isiBasics. Got it at my local kitchen supply store. Costs $6.

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try a non-stick spray on your bench scraper or dust your dough with a little flour before dividing.

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This is what I use. I have no problem with dough sticking to it. Cleans my counter well too without scratching.

Might qualify for free shipping.


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CFB, thanks for reminding me of that tool!

We were at a Bread Fair in Skowhegan Maine a month or so ago and KAF was there handing those out. My wife took one and it's right next to my bench scraper. My fingers were on it to pull out the metal one.

It's a clear case of "What we obtain too easily we esteem too lightly.". I'll give it a try it next time I make sticky, sloppy dough.