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Almost Halfway There

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DPP baker

Almost Halfway There

So with these produce pack we are 12 weeks into a 26 week season. I can't believe I am already that far and still coming up with new ideas for breads. My maple oat idea hasn't worked out yet but we are thinking closer to October will be a good time for that one. This weeks bread was Sundried Tomato and Basil. This bread was easily one of the best breads of the season. It has a slight red tint to the whole bread with a rustic floured crust. there were more orders for this one as well so I know it was popular. As far as this weeks farmers market I got pretty ambitious. I made 97 loaves of bread with 4 different varieties. I made a really nice dark seedy spelt, sourdough just like last weeks, fruit and nut, and this weeks bread sundried tomato and basil, And of course baguettes. I hope it all goes well at the market.

Next weeks bread: Honey Oatmeal Date.

Here is a picture of the seedy spelt and the sundied tomato basil.


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Love the idea of sun dried tomato and basil.  Your customers must be thrilled.  Happy baking

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Looks amazing!

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You are REALLY baking up a storm for your market. I can only dream of having enough of a facility to be able to produce that many breads for my FM. Your output is VERY professional...what a great talent you have . c