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Bought New KitchenAid Mixer

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Bought New KitchenAid Mixer

Hope I am not making a mistake.  They "assured" me the gears were not plastic.  I bought KitchenAid® NSF Certified® Commercial Series 8-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer,  Right now I have a Bosch and a Viking 7Qt. 

Hopefully, this will be a good mixer.

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I wish you better luck than I had with my "professional" KitchenAid. The first one's motor burned up while kneading a fairly wet pizza dough (never went above the recommended speed).. Fortunately, it was under a year old and still under warranty. It was replaced with a new one which died while mixing brioche.Unfortunately, it's warranty had expired about two months prior. My old 5qt KitchenAid which is 20+years old is still going strong. 

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Vicious Babushka

All they did was attach a larger bowl, but kept the same motor. There are complaints of the motor overheating and shutting down. KMIAA mentioned getting the 8-qt KA Commercial model, which is actually made for bakeries, the KA "Professional" is a piece of crap.

I have had a Hobart KA for 33 years and wanted a mixer with a larger capacity. The 8-qt. KA Commercial model has very good reviews but I chose the Ankarsrum Assistent which has a smaller footprint.

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Haven't received it yet, but hopefully it will be ok.  I got the commercial one so we will see.

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Kitchen Barbarian

If you have a Bosch already - ANY Bosch - you will quickly discover that you go for the Bosch over the KA every day of the week.

It's not just the putative plastic (actually high-temp aerospace grade nylon) breakaway gear - it's the overall engineering and the dumbing down of the motor and everything else in the new KAs.  I had a Hobart era KA until I sold it a couple of years ago, and much as I LOVED that machine, after I replaced it with a much-less expensive Bosch Compact, the Bosch Compact is WAY better.

It weighs less.  It is newer, more powerful technology.  It beats any NEW KA all the way around the barn and even shows up my older Hobart KA.

I hate to think how much further you could go, bread-making wise, with a Bosch Universal Pro or a Verona/Electrolux/Ankarsrum.

Those more expensive mixers aside, the Bosch Compact is the ONLY acceptable low-priced mixer for bread on the market.  You cannot better it even spending twice as much.

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for everyone's input on the machine. 

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I had a 6 qt KA and no, it's not the same motor with a bigger bowl. It's a 575 watt motor as opposed to 325 and works just fine for bread, heavy cookie dough, etc.  I just bought an 8 qt KA professional. I had an 8 qt Verona (electrolux, magic mill), and loved the bowl size, but couldn't use it for cakes, whipping, etc so sold it. It was GREAT for bread tho. The bowl on the 8 qt KA is the same circumference as the 6 qt but much deeper. However, my two loaves of ww bread still rose to the top, so not sure how much more I could put in there. I do NOT like that the bowl is so deep that it cannot use a splash guard. No room for one and flour splashes all over. Otherwise no different than any KA bowl lift mixer.  NOt sure it was worth the extra money

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I decided to sell my Bosch as I didn't use it much.  Also got rid of my Viking and bought another Kitchen Aid mixer one that doesn't have plastic gears, as far as I know.  That's what they said.  So far I like the Kitchen Aid.  I gave my "old" 70's Kitchen Aid to a family member.  Never had to repair it, never broke, and she uses it all the time.  That one was a gem.

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I just returned mine due to the metal chips that I found all over the base after the first use.