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With jaw dropped open

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With jaw dropped open

My giant turkey roaster/kiln shelf combo and I wonder who will be taking advantage of free shipping for Father's day (it falls in September here) for the purchase of an Emile Henry Bread Cloche ............

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a discount.


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until I had to pick them off the floor.  I will stick to my many $1 Goodwill; DO's, big metal pots, ceramic pots,  and SS bowls.  I can get a dozen of them for less than 5% of that price !

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Was this post intended to lead people to a commercial website? Seems so. Poster should be banned if this is the case. 

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I couldn't make heads or tails of this post either ("With jaw dropped open... My giant turkey roaster/kiln shelf combo?"  Huh?)  but RobynNZ is long-time community member with a good reputation.  So I don't think it is spam, just... maybe something got dropped when posting?  Robyn?  Say what now?

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Ah... Looks like dabrownman got it: a sarcastic comment about how crazy expensive that gizmo is.  Sorry, I'm a bit slow on the uptake today.

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Ohps..... glad I didn't get banned for being too cryptic. Thanks Floyd. 

Felila - It just struck me as hilarious that free shipping could be considered an incentive for anyone willing to spend that much on a cloche suitable only for baking a single boule.  (Mind, Jim Lahey did mention it amongst items suitable for baking his carrot bread when he was on Martha's show, as linked to in a recent thread and Martha did say that all her friends were putting Lahey loaves on their dinner tables - I clearly move in the wrong circles)

Wild-Yeast - we do have to give Milly's a bit of a break, that is New Zealand dollars and of course includes shipping to NZ and local taxes, at today's exchange, total would only (!!) be about $US235.

dabrownman - oh dear, want to hear what dentists charge in NZ? Pays to take care of your teeth here!!

Sylvia - Glad you got my drift !  The wisdom of senior bakers shines on the pages of TFL, not too many single use items apparent in their kitchens, certainly not at such high price.

Meanwhile my thrifty kiln shelf/giant turkey roaster combination allows me to bake boules, miche, pizza, baguettes, batard, rolls etc.

Cheers, Robyn

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the dry Irish in me : ) 

Couldn't believe my eyes...there ought to be a law!

Cheers to you too, Robyn

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Two years of research! Made from Burgundian Clay! Gift wrap extra! $299.95 at Milly's...,

Only $129.95 at Sur la Table!

The word "feckless" comes to mind...,


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I wonder if I started making these  would my husband be able to retire before his 80th birthday?  I live in a suburb of Denver and my house sits atop pure Colorado clay.   I wouldn't have to dig far to get at it at all which is a good thing since I am not a young thing anymore.

'Feckless' fits for me to but a bit of a twist on the definition due to the quality of clay hereabouts….For our clay lacks  strength of character - it shifts at will as often as our weather does :)

Thanks for the days smile :)


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Janet, can't imagine that even Emile Henry's global sales of their cloche would be worth challenging, let alone that in NZ!

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At that price, you could buy a le Creuset dutch oven that would bake an identical loaf and still be used for other cooking purposes.

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Kitchen Barbarian

I swear, people who buy these must be buying them as home decor.  I cannot imagine paying $300 for something you could get for $50 which is exactly the same functionally, only without the Name Brand Recognition.  Kind of like the people who pay $20,000 to "update" their kitchen will all manner of appliances that they don't even know how to turn on.

Don't even mention the "M" word to me.  She has done more to DAMAGE actual cooking/homecraft skills than any other person on the face of the planet, including Rachel Ray and Paula Deen (*shudder*).

Lest you think I am alone in this estimation, just google "Fat southern cooking show host" and see who comes up first.  And 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th, and after that, it's her son.

'Nough said.