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Husking oats.

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Husking oats.

I'd like to be using a bit more oats in the bread I bake; only I prefer to mill my own grain. I have access to oats, only they're still in the husk.

Is there an easy way to husk oats before milling?

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Your question got my curiosity up and I started researching de-hulling/de-husking/shelling equipment and methods. Other than commercial machinery, the link below was the only inexpensive method I found, so far, but only if you're lucky enough to own a Corona hand mill.

Having a great supply of this grain near without the ability to convert to groats has got to be very frustrating! I guess there's a good reason people plant hull-less varieties of oats!  But I'm still looking!

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GrainMaker is developing a husking plate that replaces one of the burr plates on their mills.  I saw one of the prototypes at a recent show they exhibited at and I think it's almost done being "tweaked" for final production.  I guess it's an easy way to husk oats as long as you have one of their incredibly well-built machines.  They said they were going to post the product on their website when it was ready.

Here's their site if you're interested:

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Jay Morgan

In support of the 2013 post by cjjjdeck above, grainmaker has come to the market with a dehuller attachment as an addition to their Model 99 Grain Maker Grain Mill (starting at $675) .  The attachment starts at $275.  

I have also found a pdf that shows how to put a rubber face on a steel bur of a Corona grain mill.

I am still looking for a reasonable (cheap) way to apply this concept to my WonderMill Jr..  A spare SS set of burs runs $50.  I am hoping I can get a bur before all the serious machine on the face goes into it and cut that price down significantly.  I would hate to have to go to e-bay to get a damaged Wonder Mill Jr just to get the steel plates?

Is there z 4 option out there that any one has found?