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Thank you so much to all of you who gave me some really good advice with making these rolls.

It's only taken me just over a year of disaster after disaster.

I think I now know where I was going wrong.

1) My dough was'nt the right consistency.

2) On the second proofing I left them too long.

3) the covering on the second proofing was too heavy and squashed the rolls down.

4) the oven was on 140c instead of 200c

The only problem I have now is that the rolls are tasting quite bland.

Any ideas please ?

Thank you all again



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You could replace some of the white flour with 7% each rye and spelt.  If using commercial yeast, you could try a 12 hour poolish or take the plunge into SD.  You culd also try retarding the dough in teh fridge overnight like a puzza dough.  All will improve the flavor.

happy baking 

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What type and brand of flour are you using?

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The brand is "Hovis" and it's called "Super strong Premium white bread flour"