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Another Week

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DPP baker

Another Week

This weeks bread was Sesame Poppy Seed Sourdough.

I was really happy with this weeks bread. It has great flavor and really looked great. I used two preferment's to get good complex notes without having a really long rise time. It is a little crazy I have only 3 hours to get 100 loaves out the door most days. I never thought it was possible but I have learned a lot of tricks. I do want to get some banetons so I can have my bread do a long slow rise in the walk in overnight. There isn't a bakery around here that does real sourdoughs with a long ferment. Last week I took 65 loaves of my bread to the local farmers market. The farm team goes every week but for some reason they couldn't sell more than 15 loaves. This week though I sold all 65 and really got to connect with the people in this community. I feel like I am really starting to change people from the white wonderbread superstore bread that we have here. So that is what has gone on this week. 

Next week: maple oatmeal bread.


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I can't get 6 hot dog buns done right in 6 hours:-)  Your seeded bread looks great as does the rest of the farms produce.

Happy baking.

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Beautiful basket and great looking loaf!

I love Maple Oatmeal Bread.  Always a hit.

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DPP baker

looks like its not going to be maple oatmeal but instead Sundried tomato and fresh basil from the farm.

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Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself!

Poppy seeds are my favorite seeds to toss into a loaf.  THis week my combo is poppy seeds with carrot.  Love the little things :)  I will have to try tossing some sesame seeds into the mix too.  Thanks for the idea!

Take Care,