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Cinnamon bun brouhaha

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Cinnamon bun brouhaha

So today I pulled out my tried-and-true cinnamon roll recipe, made a batch, baked them exactly as always, pulled them out and frosted them, then...when serving one to the hubby...I discovered that what LOOKED like perfectly cooked cinnamon rolls was actually gluey, still-too-doughy monsters.  Since there is frosting on them already (never had a problem before so I didn't think twice about it), is there any way to save them?  Or am I just destined to toss out the whole pan-ful?  Obviously just shoving them back into the oven won't work, I didn't know if anybody had any advice about maybe finishing something maybe in the microwave?  It's just a last-ditch effort to not throw them out.  Dumb question, but dumber girl for not having fully checked (though like I said, they looked fine and haven't ever been underbaked before).

I guess another pertinent question would be, any reason why all of a sudden the tried-and-true recipe suddenly went T.U. and failed me?  No changes in oven; would weather/temperature/humidity have something at play here?

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High temperature in slow cookers (aka crock pots) is around 205-F, Low is about 190 or 195-F. People have baked bread and cakes in them. Putting the rolls in a slow cooker until their internal temperature reaches about 190-F or 195-F may be worth a try.

I now use an instant read thermometer when baking to make sure the interior temperature reaches 195-F to 205-F depending on the type of bread or other baked product. It has ended under-baking for me.

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Your oven temperature calibration is probably off; you should always double check it with a separate oven thermometer.

I'd probably stick them back in the oven for a while at a low temp; the frosting will melt off, but you can reapply it. Or chop them up and make some sort of pastry sheet cake.

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Yeah; I re refer to my oven as "The Keebler Elf" for good reason.  Still, before now it had at least played fair.

They are microwave salvageable; which means the hubby will eat them (what DOES a professional chef think baking requires to make good?!).  Otherwise, there was no coming back from them.  Boooooo.  Still, appreciate the thoughts!