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Mixer--size and brand

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Mixer--size and brand

I need a mixer that will mix 50lbs of bread dough.  

Is a 30qt sufficient?

and what about brand?  hobart of course...but SO expensive.  Anyone know anything about 


or Centaur or Globe??   Is a hobart really worth the extra money???



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Hobart web site has detailed spec sheets for all their mixers with max loads for all kinds of dough.

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Our 40 quart hobart holds 50-60 lbs of dough at its max.  Hobart makes good long lasting equipment, which I've been told are generally easy to work on.  That said parts are pricey.  Of the other companies listed the only I am familiar with is Globe.  It is a cheaper knockoff of a hobart with less power and is obvious as to why its cheaper when you use it.   If your primarily mixing bread doughs i suggest away from these mixers and aim you to look into a spiral dough or fork mixer. These won't mix other styles of goods though (no changing parts for whisks or paddles) so if you need it to do a range of bakery items then the Hobart style is your best bet.  The spiral and fork mixers do a much better job of kneading dough and in less time.  



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I don't know about Hobarts other than their reputation but my question is - why are you needing a mixer of that size?  Commercial or residential baking?

I have learned that it is less expensive in the long run to spend more money on something of good quality than it is to buy something for less money of lesser quality.

Research, research and research some more so you only have to buy one mixer.  

Good Luck,


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I use a 30-qt Hobart I bought used on Craigslist. It'll hold 36 pounds of my Whole Wheat Flaxseed Bread dough - that's as much as I'm comfortable with.

Look around on Craigslist or for a restaurant or bakery auction and get a used Hobart in decent shape. It might be as expensive as a new, lesser quality mixer, but it will most likely last longer and work harder (even if it's used).

Good luck,