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One more q about the tiny bugs

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One more q about the tiny bugs

So several helpful forumites answered my questions about the bugs - most assumed they were wheat weevils.  After some consideration, I just want to confirm.  On the Wiki website, it identified weevils as being 3 to 5 mm in length, smaller in wheat.  Another part said to look for small holes in the kernels, and also to test for infestation by throwing the wheat in water.


How much smaller?  Mine are soooo tiny that there's no way I could tell if they looked anything like the picture.  They'd be far to small to look for bore holes in the kernels.  Also, none of the wheat floated.


Do y'all still think they're wheat weevils?  Thanks.

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Mini Oven

I like to use a digital camera to take pictures of tiny things and enlarge on the computer.  Any luck at seeing them that way? In what country are you located.  We once had spider mites inside our cameras and that was an expensive clean-up.  They might not be living off the grain but the eating the beasties growing on the outside (like yeast.)

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Another thought but not related to your question because I don't have and answer for that…sorry.

Thought today was:  Have you asked the person/store where you bought the grain if they have heard from anyone else about bugs in their grains?


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I will do both of your suggestions.

It's not like I terribly mind throwing it away (though it's been bred into me that wasting is evil! ;) ), it's just that that weevil thing sounds like I'm going to have to bleach and sterilize everything.  Kind of been creeped out, so hoping it's not the weevil for that reason!

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Choice of evils:

1/ Throwing out the wheat and losing that cost.

2/ Using the wheat and making bread that either tastes bad, or worse makes you and your family sick.

Weigh the costs and choose the lesser evil.  Don't be "penny wise and pound foolish"!