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Am I doing something wrong with this dough?

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Am I doing something wrong with this dough?

I have mastered my regular kneading style pizza dough.  It has taken me a very long time to finally be happy with it.

I've recently discovered no knead bread dough and love the results.  I also discovered that you can make a no knead pizza dough.  I have tried using Lahey's recipe a couple of times and find that it's difficult to work with.  I think I'm doing something wrong.

When I watch others create pizzas with this dough on You Tube, their dough looks a lot more like my kneaded dough and not like the sticky mess that I'm making.  The first time I made this dough I was scared to death to put it on my peel because I knew I wouldn't be able to get it off of the peel.  I used a baking sheet instead.  I easily made the dough thin but it was way too sticky to really work with.  The end result was a delicious and very well cooked pizza.  My husband and I loved the flavor which was a result of the long rise.

The second time I made the dough I added a lot more flour into the dough while trying to shape it into a pizza.  The result was better but still too sticky to risk putting on the peel.  Again, the pizza was delicious.  

I really want to get this dough onto my peel so I can cook it on my pizza stone and would hate to return to the recipe that I mastered because this dough has so much more flavor.  Does anyone have any advice?  Does anyone else have to add a lot of additional flour and if so, how much do you add?  I'm using King Arthur all purpose.  I'm not even going to attempt to use my 00 flour right now as I know it will be an ever stickier dough to work with right now.

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I also have had success with the parchment paper, both in the BBQ and kitchen oven when making pizza.  Leave the pie on the paper for 4-5 minutes than it slides right out from under and leaves you with a wonderful pie.  It's no big deal if you leave it longer in the kitchen, but on the grill the paper tends to burn after 5 minutes.

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fully developed gluten with a long cold ferment to be strong and extensible.  I don't see where the NK process would make this happen.

You can also use parchment for this sticky dough brushed with garlic oil and par bake the crust for 3 minutes at 500F.  The parchment will slide right off and you can load up the pizza crust with toppings and it will will be fully baked and extra crispy.

Happy baking

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Kitchen Barbarian

Super parchment or PanPal Pan liners - basically this is reusable parchment.  You can make the pizza directly on the liner, load it up with toppings, and slide the whole thing, liner and all, into the oven.  I remove the liner after a couple of minutes, but the one time I left it in it didn't seem to noticeably affect the crispness of the crust.  I do think removing it early helps the liner to last longer - my Super Parchment is going on 5 years old now, I think, and the Pan Pal liners are 2+ years old.  They can be cut to size - I get the full sheet Pan Pal liners and cut to size for the stone, cookie sheets, and cake pans, including strips for the sides of my removable bottom pans - so I can more easily make things like Actually Dutch Dutch Apple Pie and cheesecake without having to muck about with a springform pan.

I don't like parchment because it gets soggy and sticks anyway with a wet dough.