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Miche 2.0

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Miche 2.0

I had to try another big honking loaf.  My interest was piqued this time by wassisname's recent post:

I followed his procedure exactly to the best of my ability.  With cooler ambient temperatures in the kitchen, I used my oven with the lightbulb on, at times, for proofing my starter and bulk ferment.  The final proof was on the counter at about 65-68F, and it overflowed my largest round brotform.  So the sides are a bit unkempt.  But this is a great bread!  The sour is noticeable with all of the rye (I used KA Pumpernickel) in the preferment.  I will definitely try this again, but do my final proof in a larger linen-lined bowl.



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we love rye bread and this one looks great!

Happy baking

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Very impressive.  I only wish that you could share a taste as well as a picture.


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I'm digging the Big Ol' Rye.  It's got a full rye presence and good sour.  Highly recommended!

Thanks again,


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kallisto (not verified)

very well done. the crumb looks really good.

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Thank you, Dave, for making it look so good!  Better than a lot of mine, actually. 

Nice to see that it worked with a cooler fermentation.  I'll have to try that when the summer heat eases up.


dschal's picture

Beginner's luck I'm sure.  But I will definitely be baking this again.  Thank you so much for the inspiration Marcus!

All the best,