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sourdough pasta...

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sourdough pasta...

In my other post I showed the lasagna that I made from sourdough pasta. My husband is the pasta maker and I turn it into it is a joint effort. It makes the most remarkably tender and flavorful pasta. I use what ever white starter I have  . Mine is usually at 100% hydration. One very nice thing about the SD pasta is its keeping quality in the fridge after you let it dry on the counter. It will last easily for a week if you wrap it well. We make extra and then dry on the counter on cloth towels and then store in fridge to be eaten with various toppings. Do cut to desired shape though before you dry it. 

286 g  "00" flour ( if you only have AP that works also) or use 1/2 and 1/2 semolina-AP 

3 large eggs


1/4 c starter 

4g  kosher salt

this made 17 1/2 oz pasta. Depending on starter hydration you made need a few drops of water but you don't want the dough too wet. Should just hold together. R puts the flour on the cutting board and stirs all the liquid into a well in the center. He then uses our pasta machine to knead and roll it out and to cut the spaghetti..he cuts the lasagna by hand. Next time he makes it ...which will be this week as we have company coming I will get more detailed pics..the ones I had are  in a different computer iphoto that is with my daughter who is out of town. c,

Here are some pics : 

 photo IMG_3816.jpg  photo IMG_3818.jpg


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cool trailrunner.  Thanks for the recipe!

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I've never heard of any kind of leavening in pasta dough, not to mention SD starter. Is this your own innovation?


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db..give it a try ! 

no David I saw it first on Sourdough Surprises blog. Take a look over there for tons of ways to use starter and lots of links to folk's ideas and blogs and pics. It is just a great way to use the "discard" for moisture. It makes the pasta very very tender and it handles beautifully. There isn't any "tang" to it but there is definitely a subtle flavor to the leavening at all...doesn't "puff" up. Give it a won't be sorry...but first have a look at the blog I mentioned . There was a whole month of pasta variations and almost everyone used a slightly different version but they all look great !  c

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Thanks for the recipe.  I will certainly give it a try and check out the site you mentioned as well.


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hey, this looks like a great idea - thank you for sharing!
Bookmarking this post so I remember to go look at that blog, too,
:^) breadsong

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Be prepared..there are a lot of ideas for use of is definitely one of the sites that is a time taker !!  There are ways to conventionally use the starters to actually rise something and then there are lots of uses where you are  only going for the flavor or the texture that use of the starter gives to food. Either way it is all interesting and innovative. Something I think we can all enjoy ! Glad you like it. c

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What a great idea!  Do post more pictures!