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Farmer's Market Week 12 Sesame Levain Revisited (from week 3)

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Farmer's Market Week 12 Sesame Levain Revisited (from week 3)

So last week the cool guy who trades me goat cheese requested the sesame levain I made on week three.  I was hesitant as I didn't intend to go back and replicate or improve any recipes but I reconsidered quickly and thought it would be nice to fulfill a request.  I had to make a few changes though.  I cut the lemon idea entirely as I dont' want to find out how much zest I'd need to actually taste it and the loaf was so good when I couldn't taste it.  Secondly I doubled the levain and reduced the final dough ingredients to keep the formula the same.  Finally I used Kamut in place of the spelt.  It's been nearly 2 1/2 months since I made the first variety which I recall being very good but honestly I can't really compare them as I just don't remember the taste well enough.  As far as the dough goes: This dough came out much nicer.  The previous dough had some lumpy flour which I didn't not have a problem with this time.  I actually backed off and gave 1 less stretch and fold and allowed a 4 hour bulk ferment to help with development.  I think this was achieved.  The dough was soft and smooth with great extensibility   It sprang in the oven very nicely and has a lovely shiny crumb. Looking at the previous pictures and the spelt certainly made the loaf browner than the kamut and the kamut added some more red tones.  

The formula can be found at Farmer's Market Week 3 with few revisions:

1)  Double the levain and remove those numbers from the final dough.

2)  Cut the lemon zest.  

3)  replace kamut for spelt 

4) only 2 stretch and folds at 45 minutes and a 3:45 bulk fermentation. 

Happy Baking



Farmers market is booming with great stuff now.  So they were more giving than usual.  We got sweet corn, brocolli, zukes, carrots, baby cabbage, fennel, variety of pluots, the same most amazing pears (last of em and the new varieties are next), heirloom tomatoes, spring onions, spring mix lettuce, local mushrooms (shitake and maitake), 

Now to build a levain for some 30% ryeguettes to bake tommorrow

Happy baking




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Nice looking bread with excellent crumb and crust.

That's some booty you received for your excellent loaves as well!


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Song Of The Baker

Hey Josh.  Amazing looking loaf.  I am a sucker for anything sesame so keep this one away from me...there would be nothing left!

Love that bloom you got.


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Hi Josh,
Your bread, and all that produce, are nothing short of amazing!
:^) breadsong

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However, I'm even more impressed by the concept, and that you actually were able to make it work.  That's very creative.  The vendors obviously perceive that they are getting value, which speaks very highly for the quality of the breads that you produce.  Well done!


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a great idea to barter !  I am going to see if the people at the market I am baking for will go for it. I will ask this next week. Brilliant idea !  c

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This bread is amazing and i;m with you on filling requests and you get to make a whole new bread anyway.  Nice barter this week, those tomatoes have to be tasty....

Happy baking,

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Thank you all.  

Yes Ian I was real happy with this weeks "bounty".  Best time of year for produce and it should go strong for a month then the veggies will switch to fall and wintery stuff.  But that's fun too.  

At song, It's funny how the palate works and when you look at a loaf covered in sesame its an automatic sense and taste, plus all those toasted sesame seeds are the first thing to hit your tongue "bliss".  When they are incorporated in the dough without that first hit it comes in the surprising way and you kinda chew and wonder what that fantastic flavor is.

 @PM It's been lots of fun.  Some are all about it, others not, and a actually await the bread.  It's just fun to trade food for food. These people work their butts off to produce some of the best produce I've ever had, and using the most difficult high quality practices, so I tip my hat to them.  Since its gone so well I'm starting to worry about when the market ends and what I'll do.  I got 3 months to figure something out.  

@trailrunner - I'm not sure where you are but just bake some high quality naturally levained bread and bring it down and I'm certain at least a few won't be able to resist.  I hope it goes as well for you.  Honestly I bring 8-9 loaves and I'm usually done in 30 minutes max.  1 loop around and I'm out.  I'd like to make more and be able to trade with not just the farmers but the people.  I plan to write to the city and see if I could set up a "barter square" at the market for next year.  So those without business licenses nor money to buy a booth could bring there "wares" and trade them for others.  Fun

DAB the tomatoes are amazing.  Some were so ripe that I had to be the fool and use them in a soup.  Probably a waste of good heirlooms but this soup is "good"

Happy baking