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Hawaiian Rolls

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Hawaiian Rolls

I've used Reinhart's Portuguese Sweet Bread recipe to make Hawaiian Rolls for a friend on a couple of occasions.  I modify the recipe in his Bread Baker's Apprentice book to use a poolish at 100% hydration and to include more flour as I find this recipe very sticky for some reason.  The original recipe's overall hydration is not that high, but maybe I screwed up the measurements somewhat.  Next time I may try Floyd's Hawaiian Rolls recipe which is similar but includes pineapple juice.


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Looks good!

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Very nice shaping and color on these rolls.  Thanks for the reminder about this formula.  Mark Sinclair had a formula that I tried a couple of years ago and it was a huge hit around here but not one of the recipes I bake on a regular basis since it contains so many enrichments  :)  Think I will go through my files and find my notes and put it back on my 'to bake' list.

Thanks for the reminder and the photo that I can work off of!

Take Care,


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These look great!  Can you post your recipe?


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fine looking rolls.  Are the same recipe as King's Hawaiian Rolls?  I have'l made them but see them in the stores around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These have to taste great!

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Frequent Flyer

Ian, I'll post the recipe soon.  You may also want  to look at Floyd's recipe.  It may be closer to Kings.

dabrownman, Reinhart posted his recipe as his take on Hawaiian Bread, but not necessarily King's Hawaiian Bread.



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Frequent Flyer

Based on Peter Reinhart's Portuguese Sweet Bread recipe, the following adaptation makes two eight inch diameter pans of rolls, nine per pan (18 rolls total).  Note that I found more flour was needed, even though the hydration given here looks okay.  I may have weighed incorrectly.


 ingredients (g)     poolish     dough      totalBaker's %
flour bread90.0470.0560.0100.0%
sugar 125.0125.022.3%
yeast2 pinches9.09.01.6%
powdered milk
eggs (2) 100.0100.016.8%
lemon extract
orange extract
vanilla extract


Mix the poolish and let sit covered overnight at room temperature.

Using a mixer with a paddle, cream the butter, sugar, powdered milk, eggs, salt, and shortening.

Add the flour, water, and the poolish and autolyze for 15 min. 

Using a dough hook, knead about 10 minutes.

Stretch and fold (S&F) and set in a bowl to rise 1 1/2 hours or until doubled in volume, stretching and folding at 45 minutes.

Or, let rise 45 minutes with 2 S&Fs and put in fridge.

Form rolls (65 g), place in oiled 8 inch pans and let rise until 1.5 times the initial volume.

Bake at 350 for about 30 min or until 200F internally, rotating half way. (I baked at 375F for about 20 minutes).

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Thanks!  I will give this a try soon.


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I'll bet the fragrance was lovely with all the rich add ins and flavorings. Thanks for posting the formula. c