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to market to market ...whey bagels, and more...

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to market to market ...whey bagels, and more...

I had enough orders this week so I have some crumb shots and some not as most was going toward orders. I made my usual 100 % sourdough bagels from Wild Yeast blog but I used whey from my kefir for all of the liquid including feeding the staters..I use 1/2 rye starter and 1/2 white staters for the formula. They were all spoken for but the fragrance and shape are lovely so I have high hopes for the reviews on texture and flavor . I also had more orders for the Oatmeal Bread. I made 2 5 oz rolls from the extra dough...Grand son and his Momma and Papa ate those with peach jam we made this afternoon !   Made 8 Challah seeded buns and 2 Challah braids, a huge batch of peanut butter granola and 3 semolina sourdough boules. I ran out of semolina so added a touch of spelt. They turned out beautifully...baked in my DO's. That's it...oh and I made a small pan of lasagna from the last of my husbands sourdough pasta. We have always made our own pasta dough but have just lately started using starter for the lasagna. It gives a wonderful texture and lightness to the whole dish.  

oatmeal loaves and 5 oz oatmeal buns, Challah and Challah seeded rolls:  photo IMG_6433_zps27274c97.jpg semolina crumb:  photo IMG_6430_zps64c46a80.jpg big ears ! :  photo IMG_5923.jpg retarding in the "all fridge" boules and bagels:  photo IMG_6411_zps9c69a85b.jpg boiling bagels:  photo IMG_6419_zpsf65c486e.jpg baked and ready to go :  photo IMG_6424_zps7686fcfe.jpg granola :  photo IMG_6425_zps8f6f327b.jpg lasgana:  photo IMG_6432_zps52eb0798.jpg


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I see you also practice the fine and delicate art of refrigerator stacking and teetering.  Well done lol!!

Everything looks great.

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are all just fantastic. Love the blisters on the bagels - sign of perfection.  SD pasta is a stroke of genius.  Bet you could sell it like hot cakes it you sold them :-)

Happy baking.

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What a coincidence. I've been seriously thinking about baking and selling sourdough bagels for charity, using a recipe that was inspired by the Wild Yeast SD bagels. Problem is, I need a mixer, a bigger oven, a bigger fridge, and other pieces of equipment.

Nonetheless, your post has given me encouragement.

Best of luck on your baking endeavors!


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Hi Caroline,

This is a really imaginative range of products you have come up with, and they all look very fine indeed

All good wishes


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Wow those all look so good Caroline!  Great job and thanks for sharing.  I shouldn't be reading this right before dinner time!  Love the idea of SD for pasta and I must try.  If you can post your formula that would be great along with your bagel recipe.


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Have a great market.  I'm on my way out - I also have bagels and challah plus a few other breads.   -Varda

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grind: it is a balancing act for sure ! If I haven't been to the store then i am OK but we had just been to the produce market so it was a challenge :) Thank you for looking . 


db the bagels are wonderful...and the SD makes the best pasta ...very tender. Thank you !  

Zita I hope you will try Susan's formula. I have made them many many times and they are always perfect. thank you !

Thank you andy...I try to vary it week to week. I have 1000's of recipes so will never run out :)  Just need more room and more customers.


Hey Ian.thank you ! I use the formula for bagels that Susan has on Wild Yeast blog. It is the 100% SD. I sub 1/2 white and 1/2 rye starter for the all white starter. And this time for all of the water I used whey. They are wonderful. I managed to have a couple left and have really enjoyed the chewy yet tender full flavor. I follow the rest of her formula exactly and have made them a lot of times all with perfect success. I will make a post for  what my husband does for the pasta. It is the best !!  

Thank you varda !! You too !  c



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Good assortment of breads, caroline. Applaudable efforts.


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Frequent Flyer

Wishing you lots of success!  You are a fine baker.