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Seeded sourdough loaf

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Seeded sourdough loaf

I got the book "How to Bake" by Paul Hollywood for my birthday recently, have been baking some bread from it; I like the sort of breads that are in it, though I don't like the "vagueness" in the recipes. Especially in the sourdough ones. For instance, the amount of hydration of the starter is not even mentioned. With my 100% hydration starter, the recipe below has a total hydration of 71,4%. Which I do not find that very high, considering the original recipe uses part whole wheat flour. And that is with the maximum amount of suggested water

So I kind of freestyled it, using wholemeal flour (cause I thought I still had wholewheat, but didn't), not sure what the distinction between the two is in English. It basically a wholewheat flour that is not as wholewheaty as usual , but not quite a wheat flour :P.

Anyway; this is what I used:

225 grams of flour
175 grams of wholemeal flour
250 gram sourdough starter, very active, refreshed day before
8 grams of salt
250 grams of water
50 grams of sunflower seeds
50 grams of flax seeds
50 grams of sesame seeds
50 grams of poppy seeds, half in the loaf, half on top

Mixed it all, kneaded with dough hooks, let rise for 5 hours until double, shaped, rolled in poppy seeds, put in proofing basket, proofed for 2 hours (original recipe said 14 hours!), baked 45 minutes at 190 degrees C with steam.



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Very nice.  Would you mind if I featured this on the homepage for a bit?

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Of course not! I would be honored!

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71.4 % hydration worked out pretty well and a very nice crust resulted  You could try 75% next time, see how it goes and find if the crumb opens up even better than this one..

Nice baking!

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looking loaf!!! Congrats!

Have a great weekend!

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Yeppers, that is good looking bread.  :)