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Croissants in a deck oven

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Croissants in a deck oven

I'm trying to bake croissants in our deck oven but not having a lot of success, I was wondering what settings people use on their deck ovens if they are baking croissants and laminated products? Mainly they have been coming out very cakey, with little separation of layers, I don't think its the lamination as the outside layers are very flakey and distinct but the inside is heavy with a cake like structure. 


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I am assuming you are baking on trays.   Also, my croissant don't have sugar, please bear in mind.

I set heat at 235*C and bake top 7 and bottom 5 in a Chandley oven for c.13 - 15 minutes.

I know; that's hot!   If you use sugar, you will have to reduce these settings.

Best wishes


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then maybe they were proofed at too high a temp, causing the layers to meld together, or not given a long enough proof time.  I've made both mistakes and got the exact same croissant you've described.