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2 doughs in 2 days

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2 doughs in 2 days

So whilst i was waiting for the 50% Wholemeal feta and olive to bake i thought i could easily make another dough so i decided to try something different i would make this dough and do a bulk ferment with no stretch and folds  and see what we ended up with.

 3 kgs of Flour,  2 litres of Water , 1 Kg of SD/Culture  and to this i added 60g of Salt, i also decided to take a wetter step forward and added an additional 100g of water. i mixed the dough in the big Hobart mixer and stopped  and gave the dough a spell for 5 minutes  twice during the mix.

The dough went into a big plastic bucket with a lid similar to those Nappy buckets (do they still have them) at 7.00AM and came back to my office after i had distributed the bake, all before most of the other staff  had even turned up for work.

i checked on the dough's progress through the morning and not long after lunch determined it was ready,it had visually almost trebled insize,and the poke test showed that it was holding the shape of the indent of my index finger. it was also perfect timing that the lunch service at the training restaurant was almost finished  so i would be able to scale off the dough and shape it onto the boards.

I decide to make my very first Miche so weighed off a 1 Kg dough piece followed by   most other pieces at 750gms and two smaller pieces that i was going to try in some wicker baskets that i had picked up but never used before. The miche was destined to be tried in a fine plastic colander that was sprayed with oil and then dredged with Rye Flour.

Following  a quick hand up and short recovery the loaves were shaped those that had their makeshift bannetons were then placed inside plastic bags and put into the cool room, the others were placed onto linen tablecloths that i had saved from the mornings bake and previous night in the coolroom for another  shot all tucked up an put to bed.

Same old story get to work early  hit the buttons fire the oven   bring out the dough pieces transfer to the baking trays 

In the wash up the wicker baskets let go of their cargo readily the colindar had to have some persuasion not a lot but didnt drop out. when first asked The bulk fermentation period was 6 hours and no stretch and folds cold  proof was 16.5 hours. 

Unfortunately i didnt get any cut open shots. Happy with the result though

kind regards Yozza




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Great-looking long fermented bread Yozza,

I'm sure it tastes wonderful

All good wishes


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really getting close to retirement when you slack off on the S&F's.  The closer you get ti retirement you might find yourself getting out a huge bread machine and do a dump and push the button test :-)

I have to admit that since Eric Hanner got me doing slap and folds instead of mixing, the only reason I do S&F's is to properly incorporate all the fruit, nut and seed add ins that usually end up the breads my apprentice devises around here.

Your test seems to show that the 'no knead' bread way works well and can be a godsend for those who have problems with arthritis where kneading is a pesky problem.

The crust on this bread is awesome and I'm guessing the crumb is too!.  Those steam injection ovens sure put the blisters on this bread.  Well done.

Happy baking

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Thanks Dab 

i was given a bread machine and it just collects dust, you cant give them away! The omission of the stretch and folds was more to do with seeing how long the bulk fermentation period is, a process i have been more familiar with in the past and to see if the dough pieces were any less able to hold their shape without that additional stretching and folding, to let the gas do the long stretching and conditioning of the gluten strands. (still thinking as the loaves held shape well so conclude that they hadn't suffered from the lack of S+F's)   

Kind regards Derek