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Last week it was time to bake again time to use the culture that i look after at work, to be in readiness for an evening class "Introduction to Sour Dough"

The dough itself was the simple 3:2:1 Flour : Water :Culture the only difference was to step up the water by a further 100ml the salt was 2% other additions were Butter 2%,Turmeric powder @ 0.25% i decided on the Turmeric to possibly contrast the Feta cheese @ 4%  and black olives @ 2% 

The Feta and the olives were folded in in the last couple of fold and stretches. The dough was made first thing in the morning as it would be done for my class, i went back religiously every hour to do the stretch and folds  three repetitions in all  the last one incorporating the cheese and olives , i had prepared more chess but found that there seemed to be plenty. on my lunch break i went and shaped the dough pieces and got them onto the couches and into the cool room.

The following morning i got into work early in order to bake off the bread. Our  new ovens  heat up very quickly    

 so that after you have programmed in the time, temp, fan speed with moisture to go once the temp is up  

and then place your loaves out onto trays for any further preparation  it is almost time to get them in. on this occasion i was not washing them with a cornflour starch wash a is my usual practice especially if i am adding seeds. So it was just a matter of the slashes. 

In my evening class this is one of the things that the students will be doing. i have a sequence of pics now that were taken every 5 minutes  and you should be able to see the changes that take place when the dough pieces are subjected to the heat of the oven, theses Unox ovens allow you to witness this wonderful event that is so often out of site for many of us.

 The dough pieces are out from the cool room  after  some 17 hours  fortunate to have the luxury of laundered linen

table clothes for my couches

 all in the oven with the water injection happening

So there we have it, i also made another dough while i was waiting for this one to come out of the oven but will post that one later 2 doughs in 2 days

kind regards Yozza 


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Feta and olives, YUM! i've never had the combination before, Derek. They look absolutely attractive!


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Hi Khalid 

Not a bad combination the cheese actually melts if it breaks the surface but tends to stay as cubed pieces on the inside of the bread which just goes to show the difference in temperatures.

Almost a year now since we caught up in Dubai, I cannot believe how quickly that time has passed, I intend to stay longer on my next trip to the UK as i should have retired by then and hopefully we can meet up again !

kindest regards Derek

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Feta melts? The white Feta we have here is brined, and has a creamy crumbly texture. No melting for our Feta. Yours must be an authentic cheese.

Yeah, True! almost a year back! I'll be waiting for your next visit, Derek.



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Hi Khalid the Feta here is brined too, it was my observance that it melted if it was exposed on the exterior of the loaf but stayed whole if it was in the loaf as there was a potential of  a difference  in temperature of of almost 100 degrees C, I was even able to observe the cheese starting to bubble during the bake.

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Those ovens are amazing,  No muss, no fuss.  Feta and olives are a great classic combination for other stuff so they should work well in bread but I'm pretty sure the feta won't melt even with great ovens.  Those loaves should fly off the shelf.

Happy baking.

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Hi Dab  

The ovens are very good there is a proover  under  the oven and the second oven to the left. the previous oven took ages to get to temperature and was  unreliable as far as the gauges were concerned where as the new ones are digital and give a constant read out of temperature against what is set which is great for the students.

During the recent term break we had a group of chefs on a full weeks block release from a contractor that provides chefs for the mining industry camps normally what we call FIFO workers Fly In Fly Out where they do from 2 weeks to 4 weeks 12 hours a day ON at remote location camps around the state and have a week OFF at home. They were up skilling  and being given instruction in another area but were facinated with the sour dough when i got their lecturer to do the stetch and folds for me,(he loves the end result so it wasnt hard to twist his arm) all the students watched when i shaped the bread and all came in  early to watch the bake in the oven, it was something they had not seen before and there were lots of good questions too.The lecturer is considering adding bread to the  next session that they do for the contractor. They all got to taste the bread too and managed to get some converts to sour dough bread!  

Oh and by the way the ovens have a self cleaning cycle too

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annie the chef

Very nice and yummy looking loaves! I missed my trade school years during my apprenticeship when looking at the kitchen in your picture.

May I ask how do you prepare your cornflour starch wash mixture? I always assumed it is 1 cornflour and 5 boiling water.

Thanks Derek.


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Hi Annie

greetings from Perth, i didnt use the cornflour wash on this batch as i was not putting any seed on. I was also wanting to compare the benefits of the wash which i have used on most of my other breads because i was applying seeds to the tops and it certainly helps them to stick. its other great advantage for the home baker where the ability to steam is limited is to provide  a bit of a shield against the heat of the oven when the dough piece is first placed into the oven allowing  expansion before the setting of the crust. it also gives a certain amount of a shine to the crust.

i usually add a teaspoon to a cup of water and nuke it in the microwave  but found i invariably had a boil over in the MW  so now do it in a take away container, you want a paste that will flow off the paint brush but not run all over the tray, a little goes a long way.

i have also used arrowroot to the same good effect.

kind regards Derek 


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annie the chef

I like the effect of cornflour wash very much on the finished loaves, especially on sweet dough bread. I always had to dilude my mixture (1:5) with extra water as it is too thick with this ratio.

Thank you so much for the tips.

Best wishes.


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Great looking bake.  I love Feta....hate olives though :)

I have made a Feta SD before and love the flavor profile.



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Seriously beautiful bread. I use the 321 recipe a lot for my part whole grain breads, it's so adaptable. I don't usually add cheese but this formula is tempting me.

I'm having serious envy over the ovens! Gone so far to check out the web site. Which model are they and are these the 3 phase electric or the gas models?

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Hi Possum Liz 

Not sure where you are from your avatar did not reveal but it sounds like it could well be dear old Aus, Dame Edna always starts off HELLO POSSUMS,

I have been looking back my old posts to see if i gave the price we paid for these ovens , it must be in a response to someone else's post on ovens i will find it eventually  but the price was AUS dollars. there was one previous post  TEST BAKE MAY 20 where there are some better shots of the oven and bread baking if you care to look. i seem to recall the price for the two ovens being just under the A$20,000  as that is the price that makes it a Department of Finance purchase. There is always the chance that you might be able to pickup a demonstrator for a bit less you could always contact the agent to find out if there are any coming up.

i will post the details of the oven when i check them out definitely electric though and when i find the other post too!

Of course if you were here in Perth i would b pleased to invite you along to have a good look first hand.

My Son in law has just built a new house and has had 2 x Miele steam ovens installed which i am hoping to get the opportunity to use soon.  

Kindest Regards Derek

Well  i found it see below  I will find out tech details when i go back to work although the model numbers should help you on the net. 



Hi Todd

We just had new ovens here at the teaching institute  we have 2 x XBC605E BAKER TOPS one of which is sitting on a proover unit XL415

They replaced a two deck oven and are so much more efficient, heat up time is  minutes not hours it has steam injection and evacution and also has a wash down cycle and with big glass doors and in an area the people can see then quite facinating to watch. The oven units were A$7,700 each the Aussie dollar is currently worth more than the US doller plus we usually pay to much here for goods like this. I expect if you google you will be able to get details  and pics of this particular oven etc

Kind regards Yozza


there we go Todd Oven and proover on the right, 2nd oven sitting on tray rack on the left, great ovens to use

and old faithfull and not so easy to get along with out in the cold




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