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Cherry/Raisin Bread Cave

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Cherry/Raisin Bread Cave

I got an air hole across the top of the whole loaf.  It looks like a cave.  Does any one have a comment?

Here's what I did.  I made some Kaiser Rolls and doubled the recipe to make some Cherry/Raisin bread too.   Not ever having made raisin bread before I decided to roll out the dough, add the fruit and cinnamon on the flattened dough and roll it into a log.  The fruit was not incorporated in the dough while mixing.  Then I proofed and baked.  The crumb is fully baked, tasty and chewy.  But I'm curious about the dough rolling explained above.  Did that cause the "cave"?

Best regards to all you bakers, you really make this site a joy to visit!



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How long did you proof the cherry-raisin loaf? I think that you have either overproofed it or, more likely, when you pressed the dough flat you sprinkled too much flour on the surface of the dough, so when rolled up the different layers have not stuck together. The lower layers stuck because of the weight pressing them down. Next time try spraying the flattened dough with water, waiting a couple of minutes and then add the fruit and roll up. Also, soak the dried fruit in water or brandy for a few hours before use.

Happy baking!

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I think you hit the nail right on the head with too much bench flour.  That really makes sense.

 I did soak the fruit.  I don't think I over proofed.  The next time the fruit will be kneaded into the bread and therefore the tacky dough will not stick to the rolling pin.  I wont need the pin.

Thanks for your insight, MisterTT.


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Coach has got nothing on you Blu!  I think they are suitable for shellacking and hanging on the wall as a piece of art.  You start out as a humble baker and then next thing you know you are an artist!

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Mini Oven

Look at it this way, handles do make them easier to remove from the toaster.   

Locksmith toast?   Too late for May-day baskets.  :)

Butter spread on the dough tends to do the same thing as flour, encourage separation.  Rolling up tight helps.  I often add fruits and nuts on top of the dough and brush with cream or milk before rolling up especially when half the dough is used for something else.

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One of the more important aspects of The Fresh Loaf blog are the amusing and innovative comments that arise.  

Thank you for the delightful comments and the tips.

My wife thought it looked like a Nativity Scene.