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Lavender Rosemary Semi-Sour

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Lavender Rosemary Semi-Sour

Wanted to use some of the lavender that's growing like crazy in our garden. Inspired by the Provençal formulae by Karin et al. Taste is different - complex, bready and savory. It's semi-sour because I used 2.5 g yeast to get this done in a day. 


120 g 100% starter

436 g Bread flour

400 g water

32 g whole wheat

32 g Rye flour

2.5 g active dry yeast

17 g salt

1 TBS chopped lavender leaves

1 TBS chopped Rosemary leaves

40 g creme de cassis liqueur (any sweet liqueur will do I'd imagine)

Dissolve yeast in some of the water

Mix starter, liquor, water and yeast

Mix dry ingredients , including herbs

Mix em up

Knead 10 minutes

Proof 90 mins with stretch and folds at 30 and 60 mins

Pre-shape and shape. Proof 60 minutes

Preheat oven to 500F form last 30 minutes of final proof

Bake 40 minutes in cast iron (20 covered, 20 uncovered)


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loaf of lavender bread.  Great inside and out.