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Forkish Focaccia

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Forkish Focaccia

Ken Forkish's book seems to have caught the attention of many TFLers recently, myself included.  I haven't yet had the time to bake any of his levain formulas, but I did manage to make his Focaccia Genovese using his 80% biga white bread.  I was pleased with the result, although the 1/2 cup of olive oil he calls for is too much - it was pooled on top of the finished focaccia and in the pan when the loaf was removed.  Next time I'll go with about 1/4 cup.  I suspected 1/2 cup would be too much but I try to follow recipe amounts as written the first time I bake a particular recipe.


Forkish Focaccia



Forkish Focaccia

Here's a picture of the crumb from the bread I baked with the same dough.  It's one of the more delicious white, non-levain breads I've eaten.


80% Biga

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1/2 C of olive oil could be expensive as well.  This must be in the errata if he has one.  Just think how good it would be as a SD :-)


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Ken Forkish rules!

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Looks great!  Thanks for the note about the olive oil, hate to leave good oil sitting in the pan.  Bet his pizza formulas would make good focaccia as well :)

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... focaccia and bread! Congrats!

Have a great weekend!

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FlourChild - I did make the Overnight Pizza Dough with Poolish from the book last week and it too was excellent. Supple, very extensible, and made great pizza. I'm sure it would be equally good as focaccia.  Please post your results if you try it!


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could you possibly copy the recipe here for us please?