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article on using whole grain flours (San Francisco Baking Institute newsletter)

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article on using whole grain flours (San Francisco Baking Institute newsletter)

Interesting article in Winter 07 newsletter from San Francisco Baking Institute on using whole grain flours in bread formulas. Discusses types of whole grain flours, effects on gluten development and suggests adjustments for water content and mixing times. The link is

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Mini Oven

Thought the scoring of rye dough before final proof was also a gem.  I don't think I give it a final proof, ok maybe 15 minutes max, in the oven as it heats up.   --Mini Oven

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The article looks very helpful. It explained why my heavily whole wheat doughs act the way they do. I hope to develop a 100% whole wheat bread with many of the characteristics of white bread - with this info, I'll come a lot closer.

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Does anybody recall seeing a book that gets into more detail about the characteristics of different grains in relation to bread baking?  I'm all for experimentation and learning by touch and experience but it would be nice to read up for example on how quinoa is different than amaranth or spelt etc. in terms of bread.  I liked the section in BBA about flours and found it useful info to have in mind but I would like to know more along that vein for different grains. 

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Hi LisaPA,
Could you post the actual name and publisher of the KA WG bakng book, please. The chapter you mentioned holds information I am interested in too. I know it's been advertised on this site before but I should be able to get one here in NZ.

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Here it is on

KA sells the book directly from their own web site, although the price higher.

It is also worth searching on, a booksellers' aggregate site. You might find it closer to home.



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staff of life

When I click on the link in the first post for SFBI, my computer stops responding.  Anyone else having the same problem?

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Nope, mine worked fine.  Interesting publication.

You might try to copy the web address and paste it in the window.

Old Camp Cook (or kook)


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Hi Staff,

The link is to a PDF file, so check to see how your browser handles PDFs. Could it be downloading but not automatically opening it so it looks like it hasn't done anything?