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Tartine bread

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Tartine bread

Just finished baking a couple of loaves of Tartine sourdough.  Handling of this wet dough has become much easier after watching some You Tube videos showing how to shape. I have found that doing an overnight proofing in the refrigerator makes the Scoring much easier.  It also gives better time flexibility in baking as you do not have to let the dough warm up after the overnight proofing. All of this is outlined in the book Tartine bread.  This is a fun bread to make.   Tastes great too.


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Looks really nice ...

You should be very pleased with that!


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Les Nightingill

Yeah YouTube has been a great help to me too... the Chad Robertson masterclass somewhere in Scandinavia is very enlightening... he does his pre-shape in about 3 seconds. It's astonishing!