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Oatmeal brown sugar/molasses bread

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Oatmeal brown sugar/molasses bread

This is a straight dough. Old recipe..regular cup/tsp measures. Sometimes the tried and true is the best. I did wet the shaped dough and pressed the top into the oatmeal,read about it here on TFL ..worked like a charm !  The bread is for a customer so no pic of crumb. 

Here is the dough just before going in the oven. c

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Is there oatmeal in the dough, too?


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Hay Paul , thank you it is very tasty. It has a soaker of oatmeal . Pour boiling water over the oatmeal and some butter, molasses, brown sugar, salt. Let it cool and add the yeast and unbleached flour. It is 30 min. autolyse, knead, one hour rise and one shape and one hour rise. Lots of flavor and fast. I used to make and sell it in the 80's. Decided to redact it and see how the buyers at my farmer's market like it. Will get a report tomorrow and then will offer it again next week. 

Hope all is well with your baking. c

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a lot like the old recipe that I started with when I did my sandwich bread formula development a while back.  Do you have the source?  I don't have a good way to put my fingers on my source right now, but it would be a hoot if they were the same.

It is a delicious bread, though, and I'm sure your customers will be taking it home to enjoy...


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Sounds pretty similar to a couple of recipes that I have made and enjoyed over the years, as well.  Maybe from a church cookbook?  It sometimes seemed that those were the primary means of transmitting favorite recipes in pre-Internet days.


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No wonder you are selling you breads!  So well done.  Nothing like oatmeal or potato to make a great bread.  Both together is even killer for the rise.  Your customers are blessed!

Happy baking

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and the oatmeal looks very pretty.  -Varda

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and something that I can handle...Would def give this a try if you could share the recipe.


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proth it is an old recipe but I wrote it out on a piece of notebook paper so many years ago and tucked it in my folder of breads. I have no idea where I saw it :) It definitely makes a lovely sandwich and stays fresh a long time. A fool proof recipe . 

paul : I too love church cookbooks. So many have gotten away from the "old" recipes ...I know I have  , due to the fun of the Wild Yeast and exploring the world of exact weights and measures etc. But for all the decades I baked since the mid 70's till now I have never had even one failure of a bread recipe due to the lack of precise weights and measures. A recipe that calls for a "cup of this and a cup of that or a spoon of this " etc has always stood me in good stead. I think it is due to the familiarity I have with how it feels and looks...proth always talks about that. My hands just know. I never worry if it takes an extra splash of water or dash of flour to get it right. It is instinct. I am liking the return to the yeast -based recipes for the ease of timing for my market. I think I am going to do as others have done here and spike my Wild Yeast with a dash of commercial yeast and see how it goes. Has worked very well for others on here and would really assist with the timing factor. A little good borrowed from both worlds.


db , thank you ! You are right..potato or oatmeal they both add a lot !  I post back when I get a sense of how well they like it. 

thank you varda !  

Judy here you go. It is very easy. 

Oatmeal Bread

2 1/4 tsp ADY blend into 1/4 c warm water. set aside

In large bowl combine 2 c old fashioned rolled oats, 1/4 c butter, 1/4 c molasses, 1/4 c brown sugar, 2 tsp salt. ( I use Morton's Kosher salt). and 2 c boiling water. Stir and let set till just  warm. Add yeast mixture and stir. Add 4 c unbleached AP or bread flour. Stir to moisten all and let autolyse for 30 min. Put part of your 5th cup of flour on the counter and begin kneading by hand. Continue to knead in the last cup of flour until there is good gluten development and dough is smooth and tender to touch., approx 8 min.  May not need the whole 5th cup. Oil a bowl and coat the dough with the oil and cover with  plastic and set aside for one hour. Gently remove from bowl. Shape into 2 loaves..I used 8x4 metal pans sprayed with Pam. spray the counter with water and place top side of loaf in the water and then gently pick it up  and press into dried oats on the counter . Should stick well to loaf. Place loaves oat side up into the greased pans. Let rise 1hr. Bake at 350 for 45min...original called for 1hr but they were at 210 in 45. min. 

Let me know how it goes. c

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Great looking loaf.  I'm sure your customers will eat it up.  I will have to try it for my wife so maybe she won't buy some store bought crap for her sandwiches.  It's like sticking a knife in me :).

I've made a similar recipe in the past witch my bread maker when I was first starting out.



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It does make a great sandwich...have her try it for a grilled pbj with bananas...yum ! Make like a grilled cheese...she will have this loaf all the time. I have never used a bread maker machine. Try this you will like it. c