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Free Style Sourdough Rye

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Free Style Sourdough Rye


Last Tuesday was one of thous days where I came back early form work and just had the urge to bake bread. For some time now the guys at work are daring me to produces a good dense rich rye bread. Well time was short and I did not had time for those multi-builds long fermentation formulas. So I figure if am not going to follow a meticulous recipe, I might as well go all the way and prepare it all by feel and sight (and with a few not so traditional additions ). I was very pleased with the result, and so does my co-workers that finished it all up! 



1 Cup of 75% hydration - AP flour -Sourdough culture (Just out of the fridge)

1 Cup of lukewarm water

1.5 Cups of Whole Rye flour

0.5 Cups of bread flour

0.25 Cups of beer

1 TSP of Cocoa powder 

1 TSP of active dry Yeast (about 4 grams)

1 TBS of Salt

3 TBS of Vegetable Oil

A handful of Dried Cranberries



1.Mix all the ingredients (except the Cranberries) in a stand mixer for 2 minutes, or until a uniform mess is form.

2.Knead the dough for 10 minutes to a medium-high speed.

3.Add the Cranberries and mix for an additional minute.

4.Proof the dough for 30 minuets in a sealed container  - fold.

5.Proof for another 30 minuets - fold.

6.Proof for another 30 minuets - shape to a tight cylinder and place in a narrow loaf pan.

7.Proof for about an hour.

8.Bake in a 230° oven for 15 minutes - with steam. and another 45 minutes on 210° without steam.




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nice rye bread that has a lot of rye in it.  Well done

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Looks really nice! have you tried baking it with a rye sourdough only? you'll be surprised by the enhanced flavor and keeping quality a rye sour brings.