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Farmer's Market Week 10 - Corn Bir Rye w/ Onions

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Farmer's Market Week 10 - Corn Bir Rye w/ Onions

Hey all, I made it to double digits.  And can you believe next week is August.  I'll be trading for pumpkins before long.  

So I had a hard time deciding what to make and kinda through this idea together rather fast.  After the Flax Walnut Rye I knew I wanted more Rye.  I got some local Rye from a friend and intended to use it (forgot it at home) so I used my standard house coarse ground Rye.

 Everytime I hear Corn Rye I get excited only to see its not really about the corn and more of a caraway rye (which is also great) but not what my minds eye/nose see and smell when I hear the name.  So this is my first attempt at My Brains Corn Rye.  First things first, there has to be more than just cornmeal on the crust.  I thought about soaking some whole corn but feared it and didn't want to crack it so I went with coarse corn meal (polenta) that would be part of a soaker.  While seeking this I noticed Organic Barley Flour in bulk and wanted to add it in since I knew I'd be using beer, and I thought it would just make for a nice color.  All in all you may say (or I might say) I've put "too many ingredients in the dish"  But the results are wonderful and I think I'll keep it.  Is the barley necessary???? The Beer???? yeah sure they are. 

Corn Bir Rye
74.5 % hydration + soaker
2 loaves @ 865 g

 83.3 g      Polenta (coarse corn meal)
 41  g         Dried Onions
125 g       Dark Beer (I used Deschutes Obsidian Stout from Bend, OR)
    4 g Salt

Levain (75% hydration)
66.6 g   White Starter
150 g    Rye Flour
104 g     h20

4-6 hours warm

500 g    Bread Flour
83 g      Barley Flour
66.6 g   Rye (whole coarse ground
487.5g   H20  (save about 10% to loosen up levain before adding to autolyse)
9 g         Low Diastatic Malt
15g        Salt

Autolyse for 1 hour.
Add remaining water to levain and mix together.  Add to Autolyse. 

Mix on speed 1 to combine (3-5 minutes)  Add salt and continue until incorporated.  Turn to speed 2 med/low and mix until medium devlopment (starts to come away from bowl slightly.

Add Saoker. combine on speed 1 and continue on speed 2 until
well developed.
Bulk Ferment 3 hours fifteen minutes  with 4 s + f's at 30 minutes
Shape into elongated batard roll in cornmeal and place seam up on lightly flour couche.  
Place in retarder (I baked them 5 hours later as the dough seemed lively)

Preheat oven to 500 

Bake steam for 13 minutes, remove steam lower to 475 and continue baking for 20-25 more.  


Off to trade.  Bounty pics to come.  


Happy Baking



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fine rye bread.  Reminds me of Tzitzel with the corn.but the onions remind me oif deli rye.  I think the malt helped too.  these loaves are just gorgeous.  Perfectly made, slashed and baked.  This has to be one of your more tasty breads too!  Perfect for pastrami or corned beef.  This is a bread I can eat all day evey day.

Well done Josh usual...and happy baking

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with or without anything on it, Josh.  That dark crust has to contribute some wonderful flavor!

You may think the ingredient list is long but it's paltry compared to a brownman ingredient list.  '-)


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dab formulas require quite the pantry and when you see the formula you think.  That's gonna be a brick of some sort. And its not.  always gorgeous inside and out.  


Thanks for the compliment



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is the best I have seen in a bread with so much rye.  Your ingredient list is so short, I don't think I would bother having my apprentice write it down..... thinking even she could remember it:-)  Great baking Josh. You could sell this bread all day long without ever leaving the kitchen

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Very nice loaves.  Ingredient list doesn't seem excessive at all and look at the results!  They are beauties.

I know barley is tricky in breads since it tends to speed things up when it comes to fermenting.  You certainly did a perfect amount in this loaf.  Bet they tasted wonderful.

Take Care,


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... looking bread, Josh!

Very interesting list of ingredients! Must smell absolutely great!

As a rye bread lover, I couldn`t help imagining a slice of it right here in front of me!

Take care!

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Great bake, josh!

I haven't tried making a rye sour from a white starter in a single build, but it seems like it works fine.

So, you don't sell for cash, only trades?


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Well Khalid I came up with the plan a touch late to make a first build but I have had success with this in the past and just went with it again.  Our White starter is so happy and twangy I always trust it to breed yeast .  That along with fresh milled grains.  I did hold out some of the water to mix into the rye sour and see the bubble activity.  At that point I continued to go without any commercial yeast to assist.  

Only barter.  I have a full time (and then some) job.  This is a Recipe Development and personal project.  I guess its more of a personal project because I'm not allowed to go back and fix a recipe.  just have to move on and take notes. 

What shall I do next week is the current question




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Great looking breads, really beautiful!  Sitting here wishing I could try one right now- will have to get this on my to-bake list.