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Three Braided Loaf

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Three Braided Loaf

I had made this bread some time back but thought of sharing with you guys today. It's one of the first shaped breads that I tried. I forgot to take a shot of the crumb, will remember next time I bake it.  Recipe and method is from Peter Reinhart's The Bread Baker's Apprentice


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And far more even than I tend to achieve.


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I was skeptical while shaping this bread wondering if it would turn out the way it should.

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Very nicely braided and baked loaf!  The spring is just right and the color of the crust is really pretty.  Photo is very nice too.

I noticed that you used the recipe in BBA yet are hesitant to move into sourdough loaves.  I comment only because I was afraid to make that jump too but I did get pulled into the sourdough and now I wonder what ever stopped me.  

I bake with 100% ww so the book I got started with was Peter Reinhart's 'Whole Grain Breads'.  I began at the beginning and baked through a lot of the formulas and got very comfortable with his 'epoxy' method of using a biga and a soaker.   The step to sourdough came very naturally out of that process by my simply replacing the biga with a sd leaven.

I know BBA does not use his pre-ferment style so you might want to check out his WGB at a local library and take a look at what I am writing about.  You can use bread flour with the recipes in the book with some adjustments in the liquids and sugar but otherwise most should work just fine if the inclination to move into sourdough gets stronger….

Have Fun,


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First of all, thanks Janet for the compliments and also for pushing me a little towards sourdough. Every week I think that the next bread I bake would be a sourdough one but when the time comes, I still use the yeast way. But I will soon take up the sourdough challenge. For sure.

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So very well done on the shaping and baking side.  :Love that photo.

Happy baking

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You're always so encouraging.

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That's a beauty you made.  Look forward to your venture into sourdough.  Once you start you will never stop.

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I do hope that my journey into sourdough would be satisfactory.

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Oh, braiding... my nemesis.

Yours is a beauty.. and so is the photography.


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Thanks Khalid