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Making Yeast based Donuts to order?

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Making Yeast based Donuts to order?

I am thinking about starting a business where I make donuts to order. I wanted to use a brioche type dough. How do I go about treating the dough? Do I leave it in the fridge and then take out as needed? Do I need to leave the dough to rise outside of the fridge before frying? I have been to many restaurants that have made-to-order yeast-based donuts on their menus and I was wondering how they prepare them so fast.

Thank you..

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I did sweet potato doughnuts at my work and I would make the whole dough, proof, shape, and then put them in the freezer or fridge overnight and the next day I would just pull them out about 2-4 hours before service and they would come up to temp and puff up a bit, and then I'd just fry to order and then glaze them.

Alternatively I also have made the whole dough, and then left them in the fridge after proofing and then just pull them and fry to order. 

Both worked just fine, just depends on if you are making the dough same-day, or day before, and also how long your window of service is. If you are serving all day, I would leave them in the fridge and pull as you go. Hope that helps :)

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Just a guess, but commercial made to order donut places are probably doing something not so great in order to have them ready on demand. Example, a well known chain here ships in all their baked goods frozen, they're just proofed and then fried or baked. Multiple batches per day, little required from staff.