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Back to baking, a couple of years later...

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Back to baking, a couple of years later...

I used to bake bread for my family and neighbours at the least twice a week until two years ago, then a marriage breakup and other health issues took over my life, unfortunately...

wholemeal loaf - top

Now - finally - I'm getting back on track and back to baking! First up I thought I'd trust my rusty knowledge and do a.... probably 90% wholemeal bread. I made it up as I went...

Dry yeast, a biga, a touch of white flour, mostly wholemeal wheat and rye, salt to taste, maybe some toasted and soaked cracked wheat, fermenting and proofing according to visuals and tactile feelings....

It worked out well, I think.... at least it tastes good and visually I am happy with it as well!

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Looks good.  Keep it up!  Nothing like building a loaf to make you forget your problems, at least during the process.


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bread anyone would be proud of. Welcome back to bread baking and TFL..

Happy  baking

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It does feel good to be baking again...

I have decided to mostly focus on wholemeal breads from now on. I just love the flavour of loaves of that kind, just with a good slab of butter on a slice...

I used to have my own sourdough cultures which I used to bake, but I presume my lovely ex-wife threw them away as soon as I turned my back on her. Such a nice person (sorry, I'll stop right now!).

I am going to get a culture going with whole rye flour and commercial dry yeast, just to have something reliable to work with while I get my hands dirty again.

What are your favourite 100% wholemeal recipes, mixed flours, maybe some extra grains thrown in there?