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First Sourdough

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First Sourdough

I've been cultivating a sourdough starter, and it was finally time to try to make some bread using it.  I made a small amount of dough (350g), enough for a demi-baguette and a very small boule.

I used a 100% starter and ended with a 75% final dough with 2% salt.

The dough rose for 8 hours at room temperature.  After shaping, I let the loaves rise for 1 hour before scoring and baking for about 20 minutes at 450F.  Two ice cubes provided steam.


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Laura T.

That crumb looks great JD!

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They might even have risen more with some some steam.  2 ice cubes won't last long enough.

Happy Baking

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The crumb indeed looks wonderful!  It could just be the lighting, but the crust reminds me of loaves that I've allowed to overproof, and I don't get so much caramelization of sugars, but just darkening.  Obviously, there's no problem with your rise, so it's doesn't appear overproofed.  However, 8 hours at room temperature sounds like a lot.