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Whole wheat, whole spelt and white flour sourdough bread

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Whole wheat, whole spelt and white flour sourdough bread

I was looking at my stock of flours, and noticed some opened whole wheat bags, so I decided to use those and empty them out. 

So I made a recipe in baker's percentages, intending to add a small amount of sourdoughstarter.

35% Whole wheat flour
35% Whole spelt flour
30% Wheat flour
70% Water
2% Salt

calculated for an intended dough weight of 1 kg this gives;
205 grams of whole wheat flour, 205 grams of whole spelt flour, 175 grams of wheat flour, 410 grams of water and 12 grams of salt.

I then 
mixed 205 grams of whole meal flour with 205 grams of water in a bowl and covered it.
mixed 205 grams of whole spelt flour with 205 grams of water  and 50 grams of starter in a bowl and covered it.

mixed 175 grams of flour and 12 grams of salt and covered it, just to get it ready. 
I then left it all overnight (about 10 hours) to proof and soak.
The next day I mixed it all and kneaded it. It then proofed for 2 hours, was shaped in a batard and proofed again in a banneton for about 1,5 hours. 
Oven preheated at 250 C. Bread turned on peel, slashed down length. Bread in oven, water in baking tin beneath stone. Temperature back to 210/220 C. Baked for 40 minutes and then left on the stone with the oven turned off and the door ajar for 10 minutes. Tastes fantastic!


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came out fantasti.   Very nice indeed.. 

How did you get your pictures to line up so perfectly when TFL previww doesn't actually match the post?

Happy baking

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Thanks for the compliment! About the pictures; I also post on two Dutch forums, and they all support UBB code. So I just tried if I could copy the code from there, and it worked. I usually copy my pictures to a folder in my Dropbox public folder. Then I use a context menu scaler to scale the huge photos down a bit. Then I open them and delete all ugly photos. The photos that are left are renamed bread1.jpg, bread2.jpg etc. Then, again using that context menu rescaler, I resize them all to 300 pixels wide, retaining aspect ratio, while adding the letters "kl", short for klein or small in Dutch.  Then I copy the link for the first photo, and build it up in UBB code like this (remove the space after the /url and /img):

[url=][img][/img ][/url ]

I then simply copy that line and paste it directly behind it a couple of times and change the numbers. 

And luckily it worked great on this site as well!

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Great looking bread, Max! Very healthy too, well done.