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What's a boat mill?

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What's a boat mill?

I ran across an interesting new article about boat mills — floating mills tied to the shore to keep them from floating away. 

Boat mills: water powered, floating factories

on Low Tech Magazine. Below is a photo from a Chinese floating grain mill on the Hwei River:

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make a mess.  You would think that they would have the paddles in the water and the mill safely in shore,  Guess boats are cheaper than mills that need foundations and the boat can move around with the rising and falling of the changing currents to keep the mill powered efficiently.

A great article.  Now i want one!

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Big thanks for sharing this!  One of my favorite quotes is from James Burke (YouTube the TV show "Connections", an incredibly fascinating PBS series, maybe more relevant today than when it was originally aired/produced)):

"Never before have so many people understood so little about so much". (Episode 1)

Part of it's meaning is that technology advances at such a fast rate, and we become so dependent on it that we are losing the historic knowledge (and people who developed it) of how we got there, or understand why something works or, many times, how to fix it (especially in times of disaster).

The video link was especially fascinating to watch!  I'm so glad to see things like this survive before they're lost forever.  Very cool!


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Robert Fulton's Cleremont simply replaced the mill stone with a steam engine. Clever leap of invention though...,