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Feed Wheat ok for grinding?

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Nick Sorenson

Feed Wheat ok for grinding?

I've seen feed and seed wheat pretty cheap. Curious if this is ok to use? I'm sure it's not FDA approved but I'm mainly just wanting to find out if it's ok.

I'd guess things that could hurt it are pesticides and pests in it. But I'm sure that could be on any wheat.

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wash the grain before milling and grain that is soaked and then nearly dried actually grinds better.  I think Song of the Bake used some field grains with no problem.  If you start growing horns iIwould stop eating it - even if it tastes and performs great :-)

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They're often treated with fungicides or other somesuch chemicals. Organic seed wheat isn't treated, though. But it is often more expensive than food-grade wheat. 

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Y'know, it's often said the pigs and chickens eat better than us.

I suspect it's true, our food chain is filled with offal. As to the original question, sorry I'm no help.