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Flat Bread

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Flat Bread

Was asked by Levin bred to post my flat bread recipe.

11oz/300g flour,  1Tbsp dry yeast, 1tsp salt,  1tsp sugar,  2Tbsp olive oil,  6oz/175ml water,

4oz/110ml warm milk.   Mix all together  I use dough hook for about 2min.  Let rise for 1 hr or so.

Make 2 equal balls of dough and flatten out about 10" X 6" or so, cover with towel for about 15 min.,

then bake at 425F/220C, 15-20 min and brush with milk a couple of times.  I also use this same recipe for pizza.  I can't take credit for this recipe as it came from the London Telegraph Newspaper.



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Levin bred

Looks like I have a Saturday project

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Gosh, 1 tbsp dried yeast for 300g flour? I guess as a pizza with lots of toppings, dough flavour is insiginificant.