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Adjusting a recipe for different grains

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Adjusting a recipe for different grains

I am at the point in my bread making where I want to replace one grain in a recipe for another.  This is particularly true of replacing whole wheat with whole spelt.  The two flours do not hydrate the same (to those in the know, I suspect this is obvious, but I am new to trading grains!).  Is there a guide or some source that would give guidance as to how much water a given grain needs for a given consistency (or some other hydration guide)?  Are there certain rules of thumb to follow?  I really much prefer the flavor of whole spelt to that of whole wheat, but have many more whole wheat recipes.  Thanks for your help.

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I've found this super helpful in using spelt -

Make sure to see not only the hydration differences but also the tips about difference in number and length of rises when making bread with spelt.

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Mini Oven

would be to hold back on the water to see how the dough mixes and add as needed, then write down the changes on the recipe.

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I just do what Mini Oven suggests; but you also want to consider gluten amount and quality, and stickiness of course.