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Straight-Dough 100% Whole Wheat Bread (With Grains)

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Straight-Dough 100% Whole Wheat Bread (With Grains)

This is the bread I have been practicing on in the last few weeks, it came out really good, huge success with everyone who tested it. and I consider it to be my first success with 100% Whole Wheat.



250g of whole wheat flour 

150g of water

4g of yeast 

0.25 TBS of salt

25g Canola Oil (Corn Oil will work the same)

1.5 TBS Dark Brown Sugar

30g Whole Rye Grains

30g Flax Seeds



1. The Day before the bake combine Whole Rye and Flaxseed grains in a medium bowl and pour boiling water on them until covered. be sure to add enough water, the rye absorbs a lot of water.

2. The day of the bake, strain all the water of the grains were soaked in and add all of the ingredients to the bowl of a stand mixer. mix on the first speed for 2 minutes until a uniform dough is from. At this point the dough will seem very wet, but it will become more stiff thru the  kneading process.

3. Knead the  dough for 9-11 minuets on medium- high speed. this may extreme a lot and I  am sure a lot can argue about over developing / over oxidizing the flour, but I have found that this is the only way to produce a decent crumb of a Straight-Dough 100% Whole Wheat bread.

4. Proof the dough for 60 minuets in a sealed container  - fold.

5. Proof for another 60 minuets - shape to batard .

6. Proof for 60-75 minutes.

7. Bake in a 230° oven for 15 minutes - with steam. and another 30 minutes on 210° without steam.


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100% whole wheat at 60% hydration.  Is there a crumb shot?

Happy baking,

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The bread was eaten whole by a group of hungry toddlers and their mothers.

I can tell you that the crumb was not open, not to many big holes. But is was light and fluffy, as much as a WW bread can be light and fluffy, and not chewy at all (I thinks this is due to the relatively short fermentation)

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Song Of The Baker

Beauty loaf from the outside, and I am sure it was great on the inside.  Great stuff,


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For a straight WW dough, this is a beautiful one.

well done!