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Jam tarts and apple pies - made with a bread dough!

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Jam tarts and apple pies - made with a bread dough!

I've long maintained that anything made with pastry can be made using a bread dough - you only have to look at a croissant to realise this.

Recently I made some jam tarts with my special needs group in a care home I visit weekly - and, for a pudding the other day I made an apple pie - a segment of which (I was too slow getting my camera out!) can be seen above.

More pics and the full recipes and methods can be found on my blog:


I call these breads cheap and cheerful - they need no special expertise, they contain no added fat and they're very inexpensive to make.

The fact that these breads are vegan does not in anyway detract from their appeal!

 Just a note on the crusts - especially on the apple pie: in fact, the word 'crust' doesn't apply - it is so soft and spongy, and cake-like, I guess. Difficult to describe. My theory is that the moisture given off by the filling gives it that smooth, soft aspect. Definitely one to try. Cheers, B&W


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I'll give it a try!

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and a healthy alternative too.

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Yay! I've always made 'bread pies' before getting the bug for proper, old fash, fat laden pies and they are certainly no inferior. In fact, sometimes they offer a true superior alternative. Have you tried an apple pizza?  Make the savoury dough, top with your choice of tart/sweet appples, partially cooked or raw, and thinly spiced. Jazz it up with spice, sugar, etc. Or use any other fruit. And voila!

It's gorgeous, that crisp, slightly chewy crust is just the contrast for the sweet topping. To be vulgar, you could drown it in icing.

You never see enough recipes for dough pies. I think theyr're a european niche. And I hate how they always call it the 'poor man's' alternative.