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Gamma Seals

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Gamma Seals

Just a heads up I learned from a post on a pizza making forum -  Home Depot is carrying gamma seal lids.  Those are the lids that go on buckets to keep them air tight, and easy to open and close


The main benefits of buying at Home Depot is that you can avoid the shipping charges, and support a brick and mortar store.  The lids are pretty hard to find. They are in the paint department with buckets ( the buckets are probably not food safe, so I would get them elsewhere) and at my store, they were in a cardboard box with no label, and they were black so I did not recognize them at first.  Once you pick it up, the underside has the same label as the ones I bought online - saying they are good for pet food storage, etc.  .  There was no color selection at HD, just black.   Here is the HD page that lets you check your local store to see if they have it in inventory

  I am net entirely sure they are food safe.  I see a number of websites that say Gammaseals are food safe. The label on the inside of the lid says safe for pet food storage,  and if you go to the gamma2 website, it is for pet items, and it lists the gamma seal    Other sites say that gamma seal lids are food safe and bpa free -  though I don't know if gamma makes both food safe and non food safe lids, this site which says it is food safe, says it can also be used for pet food storage, so color me confused

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On that same page(at HD), there is a listing for food safe buckets. 10 pack for $51.xx.

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I get my Gamma lids and food safe buckets from Azure Standard

A 5 gal pail with Gamma lid cost $11.80.  I had picked one up at HD, and I believe it was close to $10, just for the lid (had to go elsewhere for food grade pail). There is no shipping cost with Azure as they drop ship, monthly, to our area.  I also get wheat berries and many other things from then.  Huge savings and good selection of products, especially if you are into buying organic and fair trade.

Check their web site.  I'm not certain what areas they cover (they are based in Oregon), but certainly available most everywhere in the Pacific Northwest - great place to live, by-the-way!

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Winco markets carry the Gamma seal lids in the bulk foods section for $6.98.