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Hard to know what to . . .

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Hard to know what to . . .

. . . bake on a day like today.  I baked cheese bisquits from PR's ABED. I'm afraid I haven't had much appetite these past few days as the southern half of my province, my town and immediate nieghborhood have bee hit hard by record flooding.  My first thought was to bake something up for the troops in the 'hood, but they were gone by the time these were out of the oven.

The first photo shows my home on Grotto Road, Canmore, Alberta, Canada, looking soouth east:

The next photo looks south west.  These homes back on to Cougar Creek.  Please note the police tape:

This photo shows why the police tape and mandatory evacuation for those families was made:

By this time Saturday, 8 huge shovels had been working nearly 72 hours continuously to try and save the houses. Sadly all but 2 of the houses visible on the left are deemed NOT fit for habitation and are in danger of demolition.

For 2 days I defied the evac order collecting rain water to filter, boil and use.  We had electricity the whole time and after 3 days, the gas is back on and I can pack up my old Coleman camo stove:

Happy baking folks and ALWAYS appreciate the bounty of what you have.  It can be taken from you at any time.

Happy baking folks, Brian  :-(


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What hard workers to hold back or move the flood waters... prayers for those who are uprooted... I am sure if you get a chance to spread those biscuits around the neighborhood they will be well received... Beautiful area, beautiful baking... God Speed.


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you don't have much of a mountain view from the back yard :-)  No wonder you are as skibum!  Hope everyone is safe and the floods weren't as bad as they sounded in the papers here.  The cheese B's look delicious.

Happy Baking

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Eeeegads what a disaster!  Is your house okay simply because you are located on the right side of the street and not backed up to the creek?  Looks as thought your whole neighborhood was washed away....

Yes, Mother Nature is not to be contended with.  In Colorado we are battling large forest fires that are being fueled by high winds and dry timber due to our dry winter...many have lost all they own.  It is only the beginning of while you are being washed out we are being burned out....

Glad you are okay and able to ground yourself amidst the confusion with baking for yourself and others.

Take Care,


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. . . simply because my house was far enough away from the creek.  The fires in Colorado are a real tragedy and at least fire is something we won't need to worry about for a while yet.

I liked PR's cheese bun recipe and freezing / grating the butter is a briliant method of combining with the flour!  I did find the bisquits a little sweet and will cut the sugar and up the salt a bit for a more savory flavour next bake.  Oh yes, sharper cheese next time and this recipe is crying out for some bacon bits . . .

Natural disasters such as fire and flood affect a person deeply.  It is tough to see people you know and love lose all they have.  This experience gives me a deeper understanding of the term, 'shell sc=hocked.'

Best wishes and Happy Baking!  Brian

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Brian, so glad you are okay.  I know what you mean after LoNG Island was hit hard by hurricane Sandy and so many people lost their homes.

Take care and be safe.


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Glad you found artisanal work to be edifying during a difficult time.  Your rolls look great, glad at least a few homes (including yours) were spared.