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Help! What is it?

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Help! What is it?

My wife was making her rounds at all the local Good Will Stores and came home with this.  I am guessing one of two things.  Rolling pin cradle or a bread baking cradle of some sort.  Any thoughts?

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Looks to me like some hardware that if she bakes bread she may use as a baguette mold?  Shot in the dark


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Since it has a hole in it to hang it up, I believe it is also a baguette mold or something.

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batard proofer and baker rolled into one.  Just spray it with PAM before you proof and then bake away or line with parchment..  I have a double bamboo proofer made out of bamboo that  I too got at Goodwill..  Can't bake in it though. :You have a rare and great find - Enjoy,

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She probably had something in mind when she picked it up. I'd guess a wall decoration. Unless she is the baker, or someone told her it was for baking, and she thought of you.