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Farmers Market Week 4 (Troi au Levain)

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Farmers Market Week 4 (Troi au Levain)

So this was supposed to be my week off as there is a festival in town that will make going to the market chaotic. Well I got some new stones and opted to follow through with my Saturday bake and give to friends and neighbors.  

I thought I'd take advantage and improve upon my week 1 bake of Super Grain Whole Wheat Sour.

Troi au Levain (3 seed/grains 3 flours)

For 2 - 25 oz loaves



6 oz each millet, red quinoa, flax  toasted

18 oz H20 (I'd scale this down next time to maybe 13 oz)


soak for 6-8 hours



.6 oz Rye

1.4 oz Wheat

2 oz High Protein

2.5 oz H20

2 oz Mature Starter (100% hydration)


mix let ripen 6-8 hours 



7 oz High Protein

7 oz Malted Bread Flour

4 oz Whole Wheat

3 oz Whole Spelt

14.7oz H20



.6 oz Salt


1)  Mix autolyse, levain, and salt on speed 1 until combined.  Turn to speed 2 and continue until medium devlopment. 

2)  Add soaker and mix on speed 1 to incorporate.  Finish on speed 2 for a minute

3)  Bulk ferment 4 hours with 4 stretch and folds at 30 minutes. 

4)  Shape, proof 1 hour at room temp and retard overnight

5)  Bake 480 with steam for 12 minutes and vented for about 20 more. 



As stated above I'd decrease the water in the grain soaker by about 25% and leave the remaining formula alone.  It's quite tasty and very nutty and maybe even a touch bitter so maybe something sweet would compliment nicely.  I'll consider leaving soaker water as is and add some chopped dried cranberries on my next attempt. 





No bounty this week all gifts

Happy Baking All



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Just lovely ...

Great volume! Did you get to taste any of them?


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thanks phil

yes I did get a loaf. Quite good. At guitar I thought a touch bitter but upon second tasting nutty with a sour twang. I assume it will taste even better tommorrow.

By the way I loved your last blog and after you mentioned the authors you look up to. From the pictures of the bread you produce and the knowledge you share with all of us I'd say your are on par with the best.  And your photography is over the top. It helps us taste the untastable. 


thanks for compliments and happy baking. 


One day well be asking who has new copy of Phil's book defying gravity 

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They are really Buffed up!.  I don't think I would scale back the soaker water one drop when the crumb and crust is this good.

Nice baking

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Those look great.  Nice scoring and great crumb.  I would add a touch of honey to cut the bitterness, maybe 20 grams.



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Thanks. Just made some turkey avocado Sammis and the bread was great. Yeah honey seemed obvious, strangely I thought cranberries would taste nice in this mix.  


Anyhoo I gotta do a rye soon. 



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Beautiful breads and I love the scoring patterns.  New ideas :)


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It's of my favorite things to do. That is score loaves of bread.



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Song Of The Baker

Great breads Josh!  These are the types of breads I have as a staple in my home.  Love the fullness you got out of these and the crumb looks perfect.  Enjoy these!  If I wasn't baking 50% rye loaves this weekend, I would try a go at this formula.


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Great looking bake! A job well done.



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and I'm sure very flavorful.   What is malted bread flour?   I am getting confused between sprouted wheat flour,  malt powder and so forth.   -Varda

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Thanks for the comments. Some flour companies will make artisan blends that are Blended with malt. Giustos and central milling both offer this.  A little less control for the very savvy but ease for the rest. Good stuff. 



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Beautiful breads, Josh! Fabulous bread and appeaudable efforts.


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Love these. The scoring is a beautiful last touch,but the grains shine for themselves.