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Kitchenaid K5-a smell and white smoke

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Kitchenaid K5-a smell and white smoke

I have an old K5-a that can run for a couple of minutes with no problem but when it heats up I see faint smoke and smell a strange smell.  Can anyone point me in the correct way of a fix or do I need a shop to fix this.  If so what sort of shop am I trying to find.



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It sounds like the motor windings are heating up during use to the point of "smoking" the insulation on them, hence the light smoke and acid smell.  Unfortunately, the prognosis is not good.  The only repair would be to replace or rewind the motor and with the older K5A's there are 3 different motors they used.  They range in cost from 90-185 USD plus labor to install and you need a good small appliance repairman to do the work.  They can be hard to find in todays world.  Best of luck with your mixer