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Has anyone tried making cronuts?

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Those look awesome.

As an aside, back in the day I used to buy croissant donuts from Safeway.  I guess it's the same idea but the pastry looked like an actual  croissant, just deep fried, with chocolate drizzled all over it.  They were very addictive, as I'm sure the cronuts are.

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evonlim found a recipe here.. :)

might be good 

happy baking

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I dare not. I wonder how hot the oil should be when you fry these. The separating layers must make it harder for heat to penetrate evenly. The scraps would probably make a great monkey bread.

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That's one yummy looking photo :)

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Stuart Borken

How do you make these again?

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A.K.A. Dosant in D.C. popular amongst museum tour guides.

Why not Doisant? Pronounced "dwah-sant". No mistaking it for a museum tour guide and sounds better than "Cronut" - which has a connotation sound attuned to something that was left out of my car when it was improperly repaired. Elevating it to a "snob de pâtisserie" level and removing the stain of having to utter plebian words like "one of those fancy donut thingies".

Then again it might be better to simply name it a "snobby cop" or a "cop snobber"....,

Just think'in outloud...,


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All I know, Mark, is that I kept telling you to deep fry the croissant scraps.

But did you listen?