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I have been writing down lots of brain-storming ideas sice doing the macarons out of Bouchon Bakery. Tonight was my first attempt at one of my ideas, a s'more macaron. The recipe needs some adjusting. I'm really happy with the result. I will post more as the project continues.


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Looks great.  Macarons are my nemesis.  Since I left school I've yet to recreate very well.  Haven't tried much but I bet if they came out good I'd make em all the time.  I've done some reading found solid formula and now I must make good macaron.  They are like entremets you can build a composed dessert in a macaron.  Anyway looks delicoius and I'm assuming you made a grahm cracker macaron, which is very cool.

Happy Baking



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Hey, that's a neat idea -
:^) breadsong

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Thanks, Im working on some other ideas too. PB&J is one of them. I want a macaron for each month of the year for the farmers market.

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is Is it still a Smores when you don't smell like a campfire? They look delicious.

Happy baking.

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You could toast the marshmallow over a campfire then make them into the frosting. Then you smell lie a campfire and get toasty marshmellow frosting.

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Greg D

Your creation looks quite tasty but please find another name.  I just returned home from a local Papa Murphy's take-and-bake pizza franchise where they were selling "S'mores Dessert Pizza" which appeared to be raw pizza dough sprinkled with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and brown sugar.  Even my 7 year old said "Yuk"!  I know our world is changing faster than any of us can imagine, but please, let's keep s'mores as graham crackers, campfire roasted marshmallows, and Hershey's chocolate squares. 


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I am keeping with tradition. The shell is graham crakers and egg whites, the frosting is melted marshmallows and heavy creme, and the chocolate is melted hershey bars and butter.

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In the tradition of working with what you have and not re-inventing the wheel have done an outstanding job of more S'mores !  Please do post the details. I am having a large group around the pool in August and I can't think of a better dessert . TIA. c