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We 3 gmas baked Black & White Cookies

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We 3 gmas baked Black & White Cookies

Leading with Barb's Cookies you can see our baking day this week brought the grandkids, apprentices, and friends Black and white cookies... we didn't have any visits from Lucy this time and all went beautifully. These cookies are but a memory since we baked Sunday and I am posting on Wednesday... here are pictures to show what left the crumbs on the plates... 

I led this blog with Barb's cookies... we used the recipe in Inside The Jewish Bakery (thanks Stan), on page 227 and the simple icing recipe on page 270. Both recipes are very easy to follow and the icing dries nicely... will be using that icing recipe for our Christmas sugar cookies for sure.

Here are Helen's cookies

Helen made hers using an ice cream scoop and got about 50 out of the recipe. That is a lot of work! She said she had to make 3 batches of icing to cover all those beauties.

Here is the picture of my cookies

I used a little larger scoop than Helen did and ended up with 32 cookies... they were well received.  The Pastor of our church dropped by and said they were better than the ones he had in New York... great compliment, but he might have just been being nice. ;-). 

The best thing is that we enjoyed our time together as we always do on our "Sisters Baking day" spreading cheer from the Great Northwest to the Great State of Texas!  

Father's Day we are baking the bread features on TFL.. Onion Poppy Seed Tumeric bread... have to see if we can get even close to the beautiful job done by our fellow Fresh Loafian.

Happy Baking from Barb, Helen and Diane


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As a former New Yorker, those conjur up happy memories of street vendors, the aroma of buttery vanilla cookie tinged with chocolate, and a very busy and happy time in my life.  Thanks for the smiles!

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Thanks for the reply... I really like the texture of this cookie. Nice and soft and cake like. We had fun.

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I couldn't have done them better myself. Somewhere, Norm is smiling.


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Thinking of making Norm smile, makes me smile too. My sisters did such a nice job. Even my lumpy bumpy cookies tasted great. Next time I'll remember to frost the bottoms, not the tops!

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Those all look amazing.  As a New Yorker I love these cookies and yours all look perfect.  My wife has been trying to find the perfect recipe for these so I shall have to suggest she try the one from ITJB.

Thanks for sharing.


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I made them once, and they are delicious. Too delicious, actually. ; -)

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Sorry they are all gone!  They would not last a minute around here no matter how big the cookie scoop:-)  These are gateway drugs to puff paste filled with chocolate.  OR Krispy Kreame donuts dipped in chocolate.  Just beautiful baking GMA's.  You have gone beyond the baking pale!

Your next bake sounds very interesting,  I think you could make Bialy's out of the turmeric dough.....That would make Norm even more proud!

Happy baking.

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That sounds like a great idea! I think I will take you up on that idea and make my tumeric dough into Bialy's! Thanks for the suggestion!!!