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Cinnamon buns w/ raspberries & blueberries!

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Cinnamon buns w/ raspberries & blueberries!

I had a hankering for something sweet and PR's cinnamon buns from ABED turned out great last time.  Both raspberries and blueberries, my favourites, were on sale 2 for 1 this week, so I also wanted to bake with berries.  My inspiration ws to take a handfull of rasps and a handfull of blueberries, coarsly chop them and spread them on the first part of the ready go roll cinabuns:

You just got a taste of berry on the inside of the buns and the result was good enough, I will increase the amount of berry next time I bake thee!


Happy baking!, Brian


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I've died and gone to heaven and my apprentice wants a tray of these sent to her while she grieves after me!  She says i'm not worth it but no one else knows but her she is waiting patiently for you to be so easily fooled :-)

That is some nice baking my man.  Now that the snow melting you have time to bake!

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. . . I am going to have to bake another batch for your apprentice as these were pretty hard to stay away from . . .  I just added the berries raw, but think when I use MORE berries next bake I will need to cook them down with a bit of sugar, lemon and corn starch to render a thicker berry filling.  It sure is fun to play in the kitchen!

Thanks again for your kind words dman and . . .

Happy Baking, Brian